Monday, January 2, 2017

Post holiday regroup, and a look ahead!

This holiday season I found myself spending some much needed time with friends and family, even though that wasn't necessarily the plan. But now that the festivities are over, I'm back to work planning some great stuff for 2017!

So what's my new year resolution?
Well, this year I plan to take on as many new challenges as I can think of... in fact I've already started with a few of my latest projects; the recently shared Union Jack needlepoint ottoman, and this little treasure that I just finished!
This little stool was my first attempt at hand weaving a rush seat, and I love it!
This skill was not one I was looking to acquire, but when I came across this sad little antique I knew I had to save it! The Original rush seat was torn, stained, and coming undone... and the frame had been painted over at least once.

 So I started by prepping the frame. That meant taking a saw to the original rush seat... way more work than it looks! Then I sanded down the wood frame.

Next, a coat of high gloss red paint covers all those years of neglect. And after a few google searches, youTube videos, and library books, I was armed with the confidence to begin weaving!

And so after a few hours of weaving, and a few hours more... I had revitalized this fantastic heirloom antique!
Worth every blister ;D

So what other new and unusual skills will I pick up this year? Well you'll have to stay tuned to find out!

OK, that's all for now; on to the next project! Want to know what it is? Follow me on twitter for sneak peeks and updates! If you're just looking for DIY inspiration, stayed tuned @ for more on my DIY projects through the year! If you're looking to get some of the items you've seen here, on twitter, or on my boards, check out my etsy shop!

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