Saturday, August 20, 2016

Kitsch to chic: vintage dog themed decor

Dogs have been man's best friend for... ever? As far back as ancient times (and maybe even farther) people have been sharing their homes and hearts with canine companions; So it should be no surprise to see their likeness incorporated into art, textiles, and home decor throughout the ages. To this day, dog themed decor can be found in homes around the world, including mine! From bookends to door stops, we'll take a look at how to pull off this classic look on any budget ;D

One thing I know, if there's a dog themed item in a flea market... I'll find it! Flea markets and thrift shops are by far the best place to find deals on both vintage and newer items. Some of my favorites also happened to be some of the least expensive (we're talking $5 or less); including the Scottie dog book ends, matted dog art prints, and a little ceramic Black Lab pup. Others cost a little more, but with a little negotiating they can still be yours for under $20; like this Cocker Spaniel planter, cast iron Boston Terrier, and Scottie dog door stop. And finally, there are those really special antique finds; Hubley planters, door stops, and figurines that can go for upwards of $200... even some of the early 1900's handmade plush toys will cost you at least $100.
Scottie dog boolends
Art prints
Black Lab pup
Cocker Spaniel planter
Cast iron Boston Terrier
Cast iron Scottie door stop

antique figures

Hubley figures

antique figures

Now that you have an idea what you can get for your money... let's take a look at what I've done with these treasures! In my work space, I started with the dog print fabric on my desk chair pillow. The next piece I procured was the Terrier card holder. Finally, I repurposed the planter to hold my pens.
My workspace!

Some pieces are perfect as is, and some need a little DIY love... The white ceramic look I use in my master bedroom is a simple way to create a collection from random finds. In most cases, all it takes is a thorough cleaning and a couple coats of high gloss white spray paint. Whether metal, wood, or ceramic, this technique will create a consistent finish that's classic! For more on how to get this look, check out my previous post: painted bookends
A few of the dogs in my master.
Little Lab puppy got a fresh coat of paint!
On the other hand, crisp white mattes and new frames were the only things these prints needed to really come alive! The rusty patina of this door stop makes a such a pretty silhouette on the mantel. And a cast iron doggie nutcracker, placed in a basket of nuts, makes a welcoming entryway for the holidays... or any day! 
These look great in the guest bath.
Love this welcome basket in the entry
Whatever your style, you can create the look you want without breaking the bank. So let's hear it! How are you incorporating your four legged friends into your home decor? What's your favorite find? And how have you transformed your finds into treasure?

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