Sunday, July 10, 2016

Flea market transformations: painted bookends

This month I'm going to share a few of my projects... all recent flea market finds that I bought knowing they would be undergoing some sort of transformation! I'm starting off with an easy, and affordable, paint project. These little bookends were already super cute, we're just giving them a little refresh ;D

OK, let's take a look at the before: I'm actually not sure where or when these were made. They're some kind of metal, but they're hollow (which comes in handy later) with no markings on the inside. they also appear to be painted gold, but that paint is obviously worn off over the years.
Very cute in the original finish
And they have a good amount of detail that I want to keep with the new finish
 So, I have a number of options for the new finish, but I've decided to add these to my collection of white ceramic pups. That means I need a high gloss paint that sticks to metal. The easiest solution is going to be spray paint (also gets me outside in the sunshine). These paints come in a number of colors and finishes, and they stick to just about anything! The process is really simple as well... take a look!
before: I placed each bookend on a garden stake in the middle of the yard

after: with just 2 coats of paint, a few minutes apart, we have it!
As per the instructions on the can, I let them dry for about an hour on the stakes. This made them dry to the touch, but I could tell they were still a little sensitive. Technically they will require 24 hours to cure, but I think they came out perfect! What do you think?

That's it; on to the next project! Want to know what it is? Follow me on twitter for sneak peeks and updates! If you're just looking for inspiration, stayed tuned @ for more on my projects through the summer! If you're looking to get some of the items you've seen here, on twitter, or on my boards, check out my etsy shop!

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