Friday, March 24, 2017

#WomeninBiz : ladies in small business

So many great designers and shop owners out there, and so many are women! This is Women's History month, and I'd like to share with you some of the great ladies around the world making their dreams a reality... Let's appreciate all the hard work they do, and do what we can to support them!
Need a smile? Hop over to JunkYardBlonde... this shop has all the vintage kitsch-tastic joy you can handle!
On etsy since 2014, Sandra curates a mid-century masterpiece disguised as a shop. Best of all, you can make all these great items yours for a steal! There's no doubt she enjoys what she does, but being able to support her family is the driving force behind her work... read more about this shop owner's story on

If you're looking for some amazing and unique treasures from France, Christine at CABArtVintage has you covered. Her etsy shop has been delivering some of the most beautiful antique and vintage items for years! She takes the time to search flea markets for her fantastic inventory, posts breath-taking photos, and ships all over the world!!! 

Have a soft spot for Scandinavian mid century design? You'll want to check out the handpicked vintage homeware from WhiteRabbitVintageGB. According to shop owner Lucy, her weekend hobby became a business when she realized she really had a passion for restoring and rehoming dusty treasures. In her own words:  "If it's preloved, good looking and I think there's life left in it, it's welcome to a spot in my warren." ...And I have to say, I just love that sentiment.

Alyson'sShabbyHome is upcycling everything from furniture, jewelry boxes, frames and ornaments, with shabby-chic style! Alyson began her business after becoming a full-time mom, and likes to support her local charity shops in Wales (her home country), the source of her finds. All the items in her shop were up-cycled by Alyson herself, hand painting each item with chalk paint for an adorable and stylish transformation.


Calling all crafters and upcyclers, you will want to check out this shop! SweetTeaTreasures has a great collection of hardware, tools, and vintage odds & ends that you will love. Shop owner, Peggy, finds happiness rescuing beautiful things and seeing them get the love and appreciation they deserve. In her words: Everywhere you go.. leave some happiness behind.
Honestly, I could go on for days... because women are jumping into the small business world at an amazing rate. These examples here are some that I know and frequent in the vintage/homegoods world, but every industry has it's share of female entrepreneurs breaking barriers and making waves! Are you female business owner? Do you have a favorite female-run shop? Tell us how you support ladies in business!

OK, that's all for now; on to the next project! Want to know what it is? Follow me on twitter for sneak peeks and updates! If you're just looking for DIY inspiration, stayed tuned @ for more on my DIY projects through the year! And if you're looking to get some of the items you've seen here on my blog, on twitter, or on my boards, just head over to my etsy shop!

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