Sunday, February 26, 2017

Puppy love: canine inspired decor

Who doesn't love puppies? They're cuddly, loyal, and they make us smile... and that's why they also make great decor! From book ends, to art work, to cast iron, I have have a knack for sniffing out doggie decor anywhere I go. This month I'll share some of my favorite vintage puppy themed finds from my collection, and even a few that you can add to yours!

I've shared some of my personal collection in the past...  but lucky for me, it just continues to grow with every flea market trip! 

Of course there's these bookends, painted white, from a previous post... so sweet!

And how many doggie themed items can you spot in this picture? (yup, that's my desk)
Sometimes I can overlook the chips and cracks... for a face like that!

Once in a while I even go for vintage plush!

This rusty old Scottie is perfect just the way he is!

White ceramic dogs, originally chipped and cracked, look good as new with a coat of high gloss white enamel!

These were some dusty old prints I found, adorable illustrations and they look brand new framed!

This was a chalk dog I found, and painted white to match the rest of my collection.
Not an antique, but you can find cute replicas in cast iron at flea markets at a good price.
And yes I can admit I have a thing for Boston terriers...

Of course, I can't get them all... here are a few that didn't make it home with me.

Ready to get your own collection started? 

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OK, that's all for now; on to the next project! Want to know what it is? Follow me on twitter for sneak peeks and updates! If you're just looking for DIY inspiration, stayed tuned @ for more on my DIY projects through the year! And if you're looking to get some of the items you've seen here, on twitter, or on my boards, just head over to my etsy shop!

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