Friday, January 20, 2017

Finding new passions: something old is new again

It's that time again... time to resolve to do all the fantastic things that we just couldn't get to last year! This year I've challenged myself to learn new things. For me, this could mean trying something completely new, but it can also mean building on the things I already know... or even re-learning something I haven't done in a really long time. From woodworking to needlework, get ready for a preview my 2017 project plan!

Knitted furniture
My grandma was the one who inspired my love for crafting/DIY. She did just about everything, but fiber arts were a staple for her: knitting, crochet, needlepoint. I'm reminded of her every time I pick up my needles or yarn, and probably why I love to knit!
For a while now I've admired some of the knitted furniture pieces floating around the web. Every once in a while one will catch my eye on pinterest, and I always think "I need to do that!" But to date, I haven't taken up the challenge. Why not? Well there are a few things to figure out: What piece of furniture would I work on? What type of yarn would I use? What type of pattern would I use? Etc.
OK not really difficult questions to answer, and that's why this this project made the 2017 list!And in the end, I might even come up with a pattern I can share with you!

Check out my knit upholstery board on pinterest! 

Illustrative details
While I love DIY, some of you may not know that I actually went to school for art. Illustration was something I loved to do, but somehow got away from it over the years as my career and hobbies evolved. What better way to get back into it than to restore and create illustrated furniture pieces?
If you follow me on instagram or twitter, you saw one of my finds last year was a doll bed that had a little puppy painted at the head of it. I instantly fell in love with it despite it's wear. To create more pieces like this would be a dream, but first things first! Like any skill; without practice it can erode. So I will have to start by getting back into illustration and painting. Lucky for me, I still have enough supplies that I don't have an excuse not to get on this right away ;D
In the meantime, I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for that perfect piece of furniture that desperately needs a new story to tell!

Check out my illustration inspiration board on pinterest! 

Power up the tools
As one of the only girls to elect woodshop over home ec (I already knew how to sew by then), I guess I've always been a hands on DIYer... but once class was over, so was my work! That's because I didn't have access to tools outside of school; until now!
Making new furniture from old salvage is my latest challenge! I have been lucky enough to find pieces in good enough shape to be fairly easily restored, but had to pass on many that were just too rough, or missing to many parts... No more!
For now I'm going to try doing a few test runs to retrain myself, buying a few books, and tapping a few friends for help. But with any luck, I'll have even more awesome upcycled furniture to share!

OK, that's all for now; on to the next project! Want to know what it is? Follow me on twitter for sneak peeks and updates! If you're just looking for DIY inspiration, stayed tuned @ for more on my DIY projects through the year! If you're looking to get some of the items you've seen here, on twitter, or on my boards, check out my etsy shop!

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