Sunday, October 2, 2016

Creepy and cute: My 5 favorite Halloween knitting patterns on ravelry

I enjoy all kinds of crafts, but I can't remember the last time I didn't have something on the needles or hook! That's right: if I'm sitting, I'm knitting... And I've been doing it so long, that I almost never use a pattern. But every so often I come across a pattern that's so nice, so unusual, or so inventive, I just have to try it. In this post I've collected 5 of my favorites, all Halloween themed, all in the round, and all from different independent designers. Take a look and give one a try... Make your own Halloween treat!

Before we jump in, I just have to disclaim a few things... While I am a pattern designer myself, these are not my patterns. I haven't actually completed all of them, so I can't answer questions about the designs or techniques in the instructions. Some of the patterns are generously shared for free, and some are offered at a very reasonable cost (just click on the photo to link to the patterns). However, I don't know any of these designers personally, nor have I been compensated for this review. I simply love patterns from independent designers, and want to share their great work! That being said... let's jump in ;D

The first is a favorite for a couple reasons; it uses a small amount of yarn, and it features a really cute cat detail. This means it can be completed with left overs, and has enough complexity to be interesting! An experienced knitter should be able to complete this treat in just a few hours!

Next is a pattern that can do double duty. This pumpkin cozy makes both an adorable Halloween decoration, and a nice cowl... 2 for 1! Another quick knit in bulky yarn, this one is a great opportunity to practice intarsia in the round.

This one is super cute, but also gives you an opportunity to add your own custom touch! Make a whole family of little ghouls for your holiday, each with his own personality...

What better way to keep your toes warm on a cool autumn night? The creepy crawlies on these socks look complicated, but are easier to master than you think. If you have experience with cables or lace you should have no problem!

And finally, this foxy little hoodie just might be my Halloween costume this year! So snuggly warm, this chunky knit has it all: quick, easy, and customizable. With a little creativity you could definitely make this one of a kind...

I want to thank all the independent designers out there who not only dream up these patterns, but take the time to document them so we can all enjoy them. With this endless supply of inspiration, I know I'll never stop loving this special craft!

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