Sunday, July 31, 2016

A little flea market called Jake's

In my area, there's no shortage of flea markets, farmer's markets, and antique fairs... and Jake's is the perfect stop for someone looking for them all rolled into one! This week I visited Jake's flea market for the first time, and found deals you wouldn't believe; on everything from veggies to vacuums, Star Wars glasses to screwdrivers, antique silver platters to dog bowls! You get the idea, this place has it all! Now I'm not saying I didn't have to put in the work to hunt down the treasures I found in this expansive outdoor marketplace, but we all know that's at least half the fun ;D

In Barto PA, along rte 100, Jake's flea market has been family operated since 1980. This is where vendors come, every weekend from April through Christmas, to set up and sell just about anything you can imagine. There are a few rules; no guns/tobacco/alcohol/animals/pornography, and vendors set up on a first come first served basis! That's right, if you have stuff to sell you can roll up that morning and get a table with no prior notice or contract... for $10!

So what did I pick up? Well, I found a couple of little golden books(can never have enough), and at a great price of $.50 ea! I also came away with a couple rubber mallets for crafting, and those Star Wars glasses for a friend of mine. But my "buy of the day": these Scottie dog book ends!
Not a bad day, for a total spend of $25!

For more information about Jake's, go to
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