Sunday, October 4, 2015

Quick cold weather projects

Somehow I let autumn sneak up on me this year... all of a sudden it's 50 degrees out there?!? So of course I'm packing up my shorts and pulling out the sweaters, but I'm also inspired!
I need a quick project that I can enjoy this weekend, in this chilly air: Arm warmers ;D

Arm warmers are the perfect weekend project (in fact once I made a pair in a day), because they're quick, use a small amount of yarn (stash busting), and can be personalized really easily without requiring any pattern!
For mine, I'm choosing a skein of recycled sweater yarn (just an unravelled sweater) that I purchased years ago for something I can't remember... its a great yarn, somewhere between a lace and fingering weight. Using size 2-3 needles, I'll cast on 64 sts and join to work in the round. I'm using a 4x4 ribbing, and I'll work that for about an inch before switching to stockinette.
Now for the personalization: I'm going to work in a skinny stripe of pink to contrast this navy blue!
With this weight of yarn, I'm working 12 rows of blue, and 3 rows of pink, repeated 5 times... ending with the same 4x4 ribbing.

And that's it! Of yours, you can make any adjustments you like: yarn weight, stitch pattern, color, and needle size will all play together to customize your FO. I think my next pair will be a cabled version!

Check out my progress on ravelry!

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