Thursday, July 2, 2015

Crafting a better space

If you been here before you might remember that around this time last year I was dealing with a "situation" in my basement/creative space. Since then I've been working (albeit a bit at a time) to bring this space not just back together; but to  renew it completely.
While I'm working with a number of the same old elements: book shelves, more book shelves, and a nice sized drafting table... I'm also trying to introduce my own personal style into the (up til now) mainly store bought decor.
In the next few posts, I'll share with you some of the fun projects I've dreamt up out of necessity, chance opportunity, or just in the name of having some fun. I hope some of these inspire you to try something similar, which is why I'm also planning to provide detailed instructions on how I completed each project: from planning, to shopping, to making, and finally using!
And now, on to the crafting: My Picasso bulletin board!


So I knew I wanted something big to go on the other end of this shelf; and something nice to look at! On the opposite end I have a large cork board that holds all kinds of stuff; from knit swatches to sales slips. Come to think of it, I could really use another one! That's it, a bulletin board that can hold more of those odds and ends that I need to hang on to, and grab at a moments notice! Now for the theme, "knitting"... of course. Color scheme? well most of the furniture in the room is white with some honey colored wood accents, and grey walls. I don't want this to be too busy on its own since I'll most likely be loading it up with lots of stuff, so a simple design is called for here.


I didn't need to do much shopping for this one... But one thing I did need was a picture frame. I came across one at an estate sale (even though I ended up getting it for free) that was perfect for this project, 18x24 inches, but it didn't have a backing. So off to staples for a sturdy piece of foam core for about $5. Next I need some pins to use this. Board, but while looking for those, I came across the most adorable tiny clothes pins for $1... I have to work these into the design! Everything else I need I have on hand: warm gray woven canvas, batting, embroidery thread and needles, and glue.


Now for the fun part! First I paint the frame white to match the furniture and trim in the room. I'm using chalk paint here, but latex trim paint would've worked as well. Next I measure the back of the frame, and cut the foam core backing to fit: about 18.5x24.5 inches. Then measure the batting and use some spray mount to adhere that to the backing board leaving about 1 inch gap all the way around. Next I move to the canvas. For this I'm doing a little something different. Instead of just using one flat piece of canvas, I'm going to include some small folds in my canvas. I measure about 1/3 from the top and put a small 1 inch fold in the fabric, stitching it in place with a simple running stitch from right to left. Then do the same 2/3 of the way down. This gives me a small pocket to slip in a business card or use my adorable tiny clothes pins to hang something like a photo I don't want to pierce with a pin. Lastly, the theme off all this, to fit in with all the knitting and spinning I do in this room, I'm going to embroider a sheep. But not any sheep... I found a Picasso drawing of a sheep that I LOVE! So I enlage and print out, trace onto my canvas using a water soluble pen, and pop onto my embroidery hoop. Embroider it with white embroidery floss tracing the lines using a simple back stitch. Finally, I'll use some glue to adhere the canvas on top of the batting already attached to the backing. Place this into the frame, grab a hanging nail, and put this amazing, one of a kind piece of art on that wall!


Easiest part of all, using this new board! As you can see, I'm using mine to dry some small lavender bunches, as well as post one of my favorite photos from this year's MD sheep and wool festival. I'm. Also using it to keep a few large doll needles handy (I'm always looking for one of those needles).

So there it is, my favorite bulletin board that compliments my personal workspace perfectly. Oh and the best part, this totally custom design came at the cost of $6 out of pocket (no more than $15 total project supply costs).

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