Sunday, February 22, 2015

Break from the fibers: Custom Cosette

It's easy for me to get lost in dying and spinning these days, so it's always a treat when someone comes to me with a really special request for one of my handmade dolls.  In this case it's Cosette!

The original Cosette was inspired by the handspun yarn I picked up at a local event. This time I'm spinning the insiration myself, in a similar but slightly deeper colorway. I'm keeping the sunny golden tones, and baby blue accents, but adding beautiful wine and teal to give a bit more sophistication to her. And I've already found the perfect fabric for her coordinating apron dress!

More progress pics of this little sweetie will be added here as I pull her all together over the coming weeks ;D
A combination of hand spun, hand dyed, 
and factory yarns will go into this custom order.
Close up hand spun

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  1. Cosette is adorable! The handspun helped, but she has a personality all her own. :) Thanks for sharing her.