Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Holiday spinning: another fractal experiment

plied yarn pre-wash.
It's the holiday, so of course I'm taking it easy... but between the corn bread and the green bean casserole, I did mange to get in a little spinning ;D

Check out another of my favorite fractal stripe experiments, this time in green and gray.
Let me share the formula on this one:
First ply consisted of 25g of a light gray, then 25g of lime green, and finally 25g of dark gray; Spun in that order, for three long stripes. I spun this up a while ago, and set it aside after another project stole my attention ;D
Second ply consisted of 50g of white merino, and 25g of light gray; Spun as 4 repeats of gray and white alternating stripes. This one I spun up a day ago, and let it rest overnight... Time to ply!

I love plying, mostly cause I can catch up on my shows and still feel productive... This one was plied on my jumbo flyer, since it was a pretty big skein(150g), and came out a beautifully balanced 2 ply fingering weight. You can see the simple color pattern in the pre-washed skein, and I already know the perfect project: Boneyard shawl on ravelry. I've made it before with an awesome fractal spun in hot pink/black/white combo, and you can't have too many scarves at this time of year ;D

second ply batt
Batt I carded for second ply.
second ply
Second ply on the bobbin.
Plied yarn on the bobbin.
plied yarn
Plied yarn: you can see how
the stripes will work up.

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