Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What's on the wheel

Well, after completing a worsted spun lace weight single (6.25oz) of this beautiful merino top from wintryflowerbydesign on etsy, I set it aside to rest and moved on.

My next project is this awesome kitchen sink batt I got on a recent trip to NY. It's got everything from alpaca to nylon, merino and others... And omg, the colors! The main colors are green and blue, but there are hints of rust pink and purple that really make it unique.

So what's the plan for this amazing fiber?
Well, I know I want to use it to make myself a scarf for my November trip to London. And I know I'd like it to be as unique in texture as it is in color, so I'm going with a thick and thin single. But there's a lot of variation in there so I'm going to tie it all together by plying it with a navy single I'm spinning from some really soft merino I picked up ages ago ( bonus points for stash busting with this one!)
And so far I'm feeling pretty good about this plan... I haven't exactly chosen a pattern yet, but I think I'll go for something in a simple stockinette in order to really let the yarn show, and get it done in time for the trip. Maybe something with some embellishments too, like a couple of cute buttons. If you have any suggestions feel free to send them my way...

I started spinning this batt by peeling apart the layers of color so that they were mostly in one color family but with a little bit of accent to it. So I have teal and green sections with accents of rosé, and purple blue sections with accents of beige... Take a look, it reminds me of a real patchwork quilt ;D

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  1. Hello, this is my first time here and I like your blog very much. You have such a pretty fibers on you wheel and I cant wait to see the finished yarn. I will follow you on Bloglovin, cheers, Monika