Saturday, September 28, 2013

A little overboard?

OK, I may have overdone it... but with the holidays coming up, gifts to make, and travel time to spend knitting, I think I was justified. So it all started when I saw that WintryFlowerByDesign is having a sale! With the prices as good as they are, the awesome color combos I was looking for, and the high quality fibers, I couldn't resist.

First, I wanted something soft and durable to make a scarf for a good friend... She likes an earthy olive green, but everything I found was just so green! Then I saw this "Mer" and thought how perfect that will be spun up and knit together... it has an overall green feel, but so much variation. Beautiful!

Then I saw the alpaca in a similar color way, but with a little more pink. It also has the hint of grey that silver alpaca lends. I can spin or ply this with my undyed sliver alpaca fiber for the most amazing shawl! I'm thinking "Nuvem" by Martina Behm.

And finally, I saw "Painting the night sky" and knew this was the colorway I needed for my halloween cowl. Perfect for trick or treating in the crisp October air. I better get started! Check out my ravelry project page for updates on these projects, and others.

But wait, what's this in the bottom of the box? A FREE sample of another amazing merino fiber. 
Talented and generous ;D

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