Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Crochet-a-long: Manuel part 1

OMG it's CAL number 2... As requested, it's a monkey, crocheted together (no sewing required)! ENJOY ;D

This pattern will be in 4 installments, Wed & Sat (EST)!

As always, the rules remain the same, so here they are:
1. Ask any question or feedback that comes to mind while working on this project, that's why we're here!
2. Please share your pics, we want to see how it's going!
3. Even though this pattern is free, please don't copy and distribute it... but feel free to link to it here!

So here's the first installment of Manuel:
This pattern assumes that as you work, the "right side" is facing out.
color A is a natural cream colored wool(as seen in my pics)
color B is a brown colored wool(as seen in my pics)

LEGS(make 4)
Start with (color A) a magic circle into which 6 SC are made.
R1: INCR1 in each stitch across (12 sts)
R2: *SC 1, INCR1* repeat across (18 sts)
R3: Make bobble, SC next 17.
R4-5: SC across.
R6: change to color B, work a row of chain st across in front loops only.
R7: SC across in back loops skipped in previous row.
R8-15: SC across.
Bind off and set aside.

BELLY(make 1)
Start with (color B) a magic circle into which 6 SC are made.
R1: INCR1 in each stitch across (12 sts)
R2: *SC 1, INCR1* repeat across (18 sts)
R3: *SC 2, INCR1* repeat across (24 sts)
R4: *SC 3, INCR1* repeat across (30 sts)
R5: *SC 4, INCR1* repeat across (36 sts)
Next row joins legs to the belly (same technique we used for Padma)
R6: *With yarn attached to belly piece, pick up one of the legs and SC next 9sts through both belly and leg.* make sure your toes are pointing in toward the center of the belly! Repeat with each remaining leg, and bind off.


  1. Wow! And just what I needed, as I intend to gift Padma to a friend and Manuel to her husband =)

  2. I am in love with the little thumb nubs!! I've completed one leg so far because I can't quit playing around n giggling. So cute! lol

  3. hi i'm stuck on the bobble lol could you give me instructions ? thanks

  4. Check out this bobble tut ;D

  5. thanks for that its a great help
    i am already loving manuel

  6. yippee! another one! (still have to finish my padma....) I will finish her tomorrow and then start Manuel! I promise to post pics on ravelry! Thanks Dawn~!

  7. I was travelling last week, and only got started yesterday. I got stuck on the chain stitches on row 6, so any help would be most appreciated!!

  8. Yep, I'm also stuck on the chain stitches. Shouldn't it read single crochet stitches in front loops only?

  9. I translated them to slip stitches ^^

  10. do you have the whole pattern ? cannot find the complete