Monday, November 1, 2010

I ♥ my LYS

I was fortunate enough to go on a few trips this year, and each trip had at least an afternoon set aside to find a local yarn shop. I'm always jealous of the selections they have since my area is strictly limited to "craft shop" yarn. I could spend hours just dreaming up what to make, but then my husband says "are you going to buy anything?"... Well, that's how I end up with a single skein of just about everything in the place!

I don't mind buying online, but I would love to have a great yarn shop around to get a real feel for what I'm buying, and that instant gratification!

Do you have a LYS that you love? Do you own LYS? I want to hear all about it!

Here are 2 of the shops I visited recently:
Newbury Yarns in Boston MA:
Strands and stitches in Laguna Beach CA:


  1. I would love a LYS around me but there isn't any I know of. Does anyone know of any in Australia, Brisbane ??

  2. I do have a LYS, and I visit it often. Its called In the Loop. They have knit ins and classes every month. I love to go and touch the yarn and see the real colors. I just wish I had the talent to come up with patterns and be creative!! I have to rely on wonderful people such as yourself to inspire my trips. Just wish I could find some glass eyes around here!!

  3. I have a LYS called The KnitCraft Yarn Shop... and I am SO LUCKY. Just about every color of everything... including LambsPride! Too bad no one there crochets... except me. :)

    @Karen: I order my glass eyes online, at ArtFire. They're cheap and come in every color!