Sunday, May 7, 2017

Magazine rack makeover

It's no secret I love the look of vintage woven rush furniture... so it should be no surprise that my latest transformation went from shabby and dated, to farmhouse chic in a hurry! This makeover is so complete, I almost didn't even recognize it... So check out one of my favorite makeovers to date, and let me know what you think!
Ok, I saw this in the thrift shop and immediately grabbed it up, nails sticking out and all... I know you might think I'm crazy, and I'm pretty sure a few of the other people in the shop thought that too. It didn't even have a price on it, but looking at it I just knew (1) couldn't cost more than what I had in my pocket, and (2) I was taking it home!

So this is obviously not in great shape, there's a big chip out of the handle and it's not the best wood, but the frame is in tact. So the first thing I do is remove the center divider, and the bottom. With the center gone, there are small grooves left in the wood. I'll fill those in with wood filler, and then a light sanding is really all that it needs before painting!

Now with a coat of dark walnut paint, we're ready to go ahead and get the brand new rush bottom on there! The bottom rail is perfect for weaving the rush onto the piece, and before you know it...

So that's it! And no kidding, this is really one of my favorite transformations... I can think of soooo many ways to use it! I think it would obviously be great to hold your books and magazines; but how about knitting, needlepoints, remote control, throw pillows, blankets, shoes, umbrella, dog leash, toys, bathroom stuff like toilet paper, towels, hair dryer... you get it, right? 

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