Sunday, November 20, 2016

Thanskgiving at the grown up table: vintage folding chair upcycle

It wouldn't be a holiday if I wasn't working up to the last minute on some kind of project... this year it's a little extra seating, vintage style. I picked up these adorable little wooden folding chairs over the summer, at the request of my Mom (actual quote): "I wish I had some extra chairs for family dinner night". Well that's all I needed to hear... So the plan is to show up with these 3 upcycled seats to share with the family!

The original seats were cute, but covered in a vinyl leather-like material that had some small tears... but overall they were in great shape. the wood frames and metal hardware were in great shape. And the interesting way they fold up sealed the deal; I'll take all 3 please!

First step is to take these guys apart which is surprisingly easy; just a few screws in the bottom of each chair! The backs are a little tricky, and would require removing some wood plugs to get to the screws. At the risk of damaging the chair, I devise another strategy for reupholstering the backs...

The fabric choice is inspired by a mid-century mod chair I saw in a recent magazine spread. Lucky for me, this warm grey large weave upholstery fabric remnant was on clearance in my local craft shop!

For the seats, it's a simple wrap and staple. But as I mentioned the seat backs are going to take a little more finesse. I'm going to staple on the fabric, and make a bias tape trim to cover my staples. And for that vintage flair, I'll use upholstery tacks to hold the trim in place.


There's only a few days until thanksgiving... but with such a simple makeover, I'm sure I can have this done in time! I'll keep you posted ;D

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