Sunday, November 10, 2013

Preview my new hand spun doll kits (coming soon!)

Looking to create a handmade heirloom for someone special? Or maybe a unique gift for the crafter in your life?
This holiday season I'll be offering a few very special kits! Like previous kits, these will feature all my favorite supplies: premium cotton fabrics, hand made glass eyes, ribbons, buttons, and other accessories. But these kits are even more valuable, because they also feature my very own hand spun wool!

The wool is a combination of fibers, dyed by me, and then carded together to create a rich deep color that you can't get from hand painting alone. I've worked hard to bring together some of the most popular color combinations based on past requests, and taken the time to create new pairings that I think you'll love.

You're getting a sneak peak into my process here, as I match my pre-carded fibers to the fabric. Once the fibers are carded, I spin them into a worsted spun(smooth), worsted weight single (100g as most of my patterns call for).

In my opinion, a plush single yarn(vs plied yarns) makes the best doll. And with this kit you'll be able to make your choice of bunny, kitty, or bear ;D


  1. I love your kits! Saw one of them in your shop, but I'm holding out to see if you're releasing more. These would make amazing holiday gifts. I would buy all your kits if I could! Haha. ;)

  2. Thanks so much! More are on the way... And I'm also take kit orders if you have something special in mind ;D