Sunday, October 30, 2011

Petra: my halloween mystery project

If you've joined our ravelry group, then you may have seen the beginnings of my latest project... you may have even tried to guess what she was going to be.
Well, I've finished her just in time to keep my jack-o-lanterns company this Halloween! And here she is: Petra the mummy! She's not the conventional mummy, but that's OK... She'll happily take her place along side my wolfboy, pumpkin witch, scarecrow bear, and kitty noir in the Halloween collection (pattern to be available in the near future). Find more pics on her ravelry project page ;D


  1. excellent writer have good mind.congratulation on your success...........

  2. Every time i come here i see something very new....

  3. My daughter loves this little girl.. I can hardly wait until she is on your site for sale...