Friday, October 8, 2010

Crochet-a-long: Manuel part 4

Last part, here we go!

When we attached the legs to the belly(part1) we left 9 leg stitches open per leg, and these are the stitches we are going to pick up and use to begin the main body. So choose a leg as the starting point (they're all the same so it's your choice), find the first stitch(right most stitch, closest to the belly)and attach yarn. The starting point you choose will be the center back of the monkey. Begin R1 here.

R1-3: SC across. (36 sts)
R4: SC next 10, begin attaching muzzle by lining up 15 stitches of the last row of the muzzle with next 15 stitches of body and work SC through both layers, SC last 11. (36 sts)
R5: SC next 4, join first ear by lining up next 6 sts with 6 sts of bind of edge of the ear(make sure the ear is facing the front!) SC through both layers, SC across 15 remaining muzzle sts, attach second ear over next 6 sts, SC last 5 sts. (36 sts)
R6: unravel last 3 sts made, begin attaching tail by lining up 9 sts of tail to next 9 sts of the body, SC next 30 sts.
R7: SC across working across 9 remaining tail sts.

Begin decreases.
R8: *SC 4, DCR1 over next 2 sts * repeat across. (30 sts)
R9: *SC 3, DCR1 over next 2 sts * repeat across. (24 sts)
R10: *SC 2, DCR1 over next 2 sts * repeat across. (18 sts)
R11: *SC 1, DCR1 over next 2 sts* repeat across. (12 sts)
Time to stuff...
Stuff the legs first, stuffing pretty firmly. Then the body and tail. You can also add a wire to the tail at this point (if you want it to be posable). Otherwise you can pose it when your monkey is complete and stitch it in place. If you are using safety eyes you will want to attach them now as well.

R12: *DCR1 over next 2 sts* repeat across. (6 sts)
Bind off leaving a long tail. Weave tail through remaining stitches and pull to close. Secure and pull tail to inside to hide.

All that's left to do now are your finishing touches: eyes, expressions, accessories, anything you can think of!

Let's see your finished product! Post it on Ravelry: CAL with DawnToussaint


  1. I'm trying to crochet on the tail, but its 18 stitches and you need to stitch the first 6 on the body and then 6 again.. but that's 12 in stead of 18.. pls help! :D

  2. You're right, those 6's should've been 9's... thanks for catching that, all fixed!!!

  3. he looks great getting on to finish him now

  4. I dont have the directions to the legs or muzzle to start the monkey. It starts with sc 36.

  5. Sorry found the directions. I made the elephant and he came out so cute. Thank you for sharing your pattern.

  6. Um am I missing the directions for the ears? I don't see that part.