Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Crochet-a-long: Manuel part 3

We're up to the head now! Manuel's ear is worked similar to Padma's... but smaller;D
OK, ready for part 3?

EARS(make 2)
Start with (color A)a magic circle into which 6 SC are made.
R1: INCR1 in each stitch across. (12 sts)
R2: *SC 1, INCR1 in next st* repeat across. (18 sts)
R3-7: SC across.
R8: Skip next 6 sts (pushing them to the back), SC across. (12 sts)
R9: ch1, flatten the remaining stitches so that the next st is aligned with the last st of the round(st1 & st12). SC across stitching through both layers to close up ear. After 6th stitch, bind off and set aside.

Want to see how everyone else is progressing? Join us on Ravelry: CAL with DawnToussaint


  1. hi its me again lol how do i post pictures of manuel on ravelry please. I've looked at your cal on ravelry but how to upload photos sorry for being a pest

  2. Once you've joined the group, you can upload as part of your project and then share the project with the group... or you can post images directly into the thread, just hit "reply to thread"!