Saturday, August 28, 2010

Crochet-a-long: Padma part 4

Last part, here we go!

When we attached the legs to the belly(part1) we left 12 leg stitches open, and these are the stitches we are going to pick up and use to begin the main body. But to minimize gaps between the legs we are also going to work in 2 of the stitches used to attached the leg and belly in our round (one on either side of the leg). That means we will work 14 stitches across each leg of this round. So choose a leg as the starting point (they're all the same so it's your choice), and identify the 12 open stitches, then go 1 stitch before and attach yarn. The starting point you choose will be the center back of the elephant. Begin R1 here.

R1-3: SC across. (56 sts)
R4: *SC 6, DCR1 over next 2 sts, SC 6* repeat across. (52 sts)
R5: SC across.
R6: SC 22, join trunk by aligning back 9 stitches of flattened trunk with next 9 stitches of body, SC through both layers of those 9 stitches, SC 21. (see image RIGHT)
R7: SC 22, SC front 9 stitches of flattened trunk, SC next 21 on body.

Make Padma's tail here by chaining 12, turn, skip 2 ch and work slip st in next 10 ch (working back toward body).
R8: *SC 5, DCR1 over next 2 sts, SC 4, DCR1 over next 2 sts* repeat across. (44 sts)
R9: SC across
R10: *SC 4, DCR1 over next 2 sts, SC 3, DCR1 over next 2 sts* repeat across. (36 sts)
R11: SC across
R12: *SC 6, join ear by aligning 7 stitches of flattened ear with next 7 sts of body, SC through both layers of those 7 stitches, SC 5* repeat.
R13: *SC 4, DCR1 over next 2 sts* repeat across. (30 sts)
Time to stuff...
stuff the legs first, stuffing pretty firmly. Then the body and a small amount in the trunk to help shape the face. Don't over stuff the body, since you will have one last chance to add some stuffing before closing. If you are using safety eyes you will want to attach them now as well.
R14: *SC 3, DCR1 over next 2 sts* repeat across. (24 sts)
R15: *SC 2, DCR1 over next 2 sts* repeat across. (18 sts)
Last chance to get in any stuffing before closing!
R16: *SC 1 ,DCR1 over next 2 sts* repeat across. (12 sts)
R17: *DCR1 over next 2 sts* repeat across. (6 sts)
Bind off leaving a long tail. Weave tail through remaining stitches and pull to close. Secure and pull tail to inside to hide.

All that's left to do now are your finishing touches: eyes, expressions, accessories, anything you can think of!

Let's see your finished product! Post it on Ravelry: CAL with DawnToussaint


  1. Thank you for this awesome CAL. It reminded me of Elephants in London =)

  2. All finished:-) Thanks again for sharing. The crochet-a-long is a really good idea, and I hope you will do one againg:-)

  3. It's very nice. look forward to see what comes up next. ;-)

  4. Thanks for sharing your pattern! Pictures of my version is in my blog.

  5. Now, that's what I call an elephant! Thank you for sharing this pattern, I will try as soon as possible.

  6. ohhh I missed it...oh well thank you so much for sharing this pattern. I will be sure to come back and post a link when my little guy is finished...THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  7. ugg, i can make 55 sts on row 1 but not 56 :(

  8. Absolutely adorable! I made one in aqua colour and stuffed her with a bit of French Lavender. She's called Aoife :)

    I'd like to add a post to my blog about her and some of your other patterns is that is OK with you Dawn?

  9. Fun and interesting. I love your no-sew patterns. Only problem, I put the poor thing's trunk upside down, but the patterns very forgiving and a few snips cured her!

  10. I love this pattern and looks so cute....Will make this as a gift... It is easy to read and follow... my only question is What are SAFETY EYES?!

  11. He's beautiful and perfect, I love him so much! Thank you for the pattern, I'm for sure going to use it many times :D