Monday, August 23, 2010

Crochet-a-long: Padma part 2

Thanks again to all of you who are participating! And if you haven't already, come join the Ravelry group: CAL with DawnToussaint
OK, ready for part 2?

Here's the second installment of Padma:
TRUNK(make 1)
The trunk is worked from the bottom up.
Start with a magic circle into which 6 SC are made. Leave a tail about 6 inches for securing later on.
R1: INCR1 in each stitch across. (12 sts)
R2: *SC 1, INCR1 in next st* repeat across. (18 sts)
R3: SC across.
R4: *SC 7, DCR1 over next 2 sts* repeat. (16 sts)
R5: *SC 6, DCR1 over next 2 sts* repeat. (14 sts)
R6: *SC 5, DCR1 over next 2 sts* repeat. (12 sts)
R7-12: SC across.
R13: *SC 5, INCR1 in next st* repeat. (14 sts)
R14: *SC 6, INCR1 in next st* repeat. (16 sts)
R15: *SC 7, INCR1 in next st* repeat. (18 sts)
R16: SC across.
SC next 5 sts, bind off. Pull tail from beginning to right side through the center of the beginning circle. Flatten the trunk (as shown in the images) and roll up the bottom(beginning)edge. Secure to underside of the trunk using the yarn tail.


  1. I am loving this pattern! I needed an elephant! LOL (FYI you have 2 Row 5)
    Thank you so much for the fun activity!

  2. Okay, legs on body, trunk done (I think correctly)... Not sure how to post a picture, but mine is a little boring right now since I am using an oyster color. It's the stuff I am planning to do to it later that will pop!
    I am ready for part 3 whenever you are! ^_^

  3. Part II done:-) Thanks for sharing.