Monday, May 24, 2010

This week's pattern is free!

So a "pattern a week" is still going strong with this week's delivery... Charles the lawn conquering chipmunk! You can find him in the "dumplings" collection, and the download link's in the description. I would just love to see your pics if you get a chance to make one or 500. They really are great for stash busting, and work up in about an hour! Did I hear last minute gift... Perfect!!!


  1. Hi! I am so really bummed I missed the chipmunk? What is the cost of the pattern?

  2. I'm all bummed out! I just found this blog for the first time. Was able to get some of the patterns but missed out on the chipmunk, and the raccoon. I really like the raccoon. It's the best raccoon I have seen.

  3. You haven't missed the pattern... They're all available on my website!